I only have one sister who is older than me. But in the past I’ve had foster sisters who were younger and I loved those times.

I still wish they could have stayed with us but when your family fosters you have to keep remembering that it isn’t always going to be forever.

Having a little foster sister is really nice. At first the children might be a bit shy but if you be a friend to them, they start to be friends with you. One of my foster sisters had the same name as me so for a long time I was called big Amber and she was called little Amber. That was quite funny especially as we called each other big and little Amber.

Sometimes one of my foster sister used to get a bit sad and naughty and try and start arguments. I think it was just because she was upset because she had to live in a new home with people who were different and strange to her, but eventually you could see she was really just a very kind girl. She has a new mum and dad now so I’m really happy for her even though it was sad when she went.

These are my tips for getting to know your foster brothers and sisters:

  • Help show them their bedroom and put away their things then show them around your room and see if they want to choose some toys to play with
  • Make a hanger for their door that says their name and that its their room
  • Don’t be sad if you think they don’t like you because nobody would like going to go live with strangers. The best thing to do is ask if they want to play and if they don’t then just say something like ok we can just watch TV together

You might get on together straight away or it might take time before they start talking, but most people just want a friend so its best to be friendly and not fuss too much so they feel a bit happier and more at home.

These are my tips on how to say goodbye to your foster brothers and sisters when they move on:

  • Create a scrap book of memories one for you and one for them and put in some photos and write about the times that were really funny and fun. Do a drawing or make a card for them and glue it to one of the pages
  • Try not to be sad and try not to worry about them, you will both miss each other but they won’t have as much time to think about it because they will be busy getting to know their new family or settling back into their own family
  • When you know they date they are going to be leaving try and help them to look forward to it and ask them how they are feeling. Let them know you will miss them but then if they are sad just remind them that they will have lots of great things to look forward to

My dad got ill and had to go to hospital a lot so my parents stopped fostering. I would be good to be a big sister again but for now I’ll make do with being a little sister 🙂