For everyone here who loves baking and cooking (like me), here are some ideas and top tips. Who watched the Great British Bake Off? Did you know that around 12 million people watched it, way more than the X Factor with an audience of approximately 7 million!

I think the Great British Bake Off is more popular because it has lots of different features, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood chats, laughs (at the bakes and Mel and Sue’s amazing commentary) and you get extremely hungry and inspired to bake, bake and BAKE! These features can make very different people of all ages like the show, I like it because it is very funny. If you like the show (like me) then I suggest you watch “an extra slice” too.
One of my best top tips is, DO NOT ice a cake when it is warm because the icing will melt and drip down the sides.  Weigh ingredients carefully, you wouldn’t believe how many things go wrong because of that – sinking cakes, flat cakes, tasteless cakes, the list goes on!

For Christmas pastry, try grating zest of an orange or add a pinch of cinnamon to give your mince pies a bit of zing. To make bread sweeter for a tea time treat, add unrefined sugar such as honey, treacle or malt extract.

Bake on!