Meet Dylan

My name is Dylan and I’m a FutureMaker for DylanSuperAwesome Insights. I’ve always looked at things from a different perspective and enjoy getting to do new things – whether it’s checking out the latest pieces of tech to see what’s new, or going to see a new film in the cinema, the prospect of what’s ahead excites me – which is why I’ve joined FutureMakers.

In my spare time, I like watching videos on YouTube of wacky science experiments, or iPhone destruction videos. It’s always interesting to see what happens when someone does something which isn’t what you see every day. Aside from insanely long video marathons, I enjoy listening to music or finding new apps on the App Store – that’s always a good pass time.

I form an opinion on just about everything – so look out for posts from me on the Hub of Knowledge, because they’ll definitely be interesting reads. Go FutureMakers!