Meet Joshua

IMG_1735Hello everybody! My name is Joshua and I am a fanatic about Pokémon! I also love other Nintendo products. I love Physics as you learn about space and the Universe an how it all began. I also love History, ICT, Drama, Maths and English! When I am not gaming I like to draw and create and play on PopJam. I am working on a Pokémon game with over 179 Pokémon and filled with exciting adventures. And you may not believe this but I love school! I wish to be either a Pokémon designer, actor or an astrophysicist or all of them at the same time! My imagination is super crazy and it thinks up of anything! my imagination can help think of creative and new ideas along with my vast knowledge to be the best FutureMaker I can be! I can be weird and very silly but that’s just who I am! I would say I am quite funny but with lots of bad puns thrown out of my chatty mouth. My motto is never give up on any of your dreams and as the wise Ash Ketchum said: “Gotta’ catch em’ all!”
I’ll see ya around and you’ll see me riding on a Charizard…over a rainbow…with kitties…. and Abraham Lincoln…….yeah………Bye! 🙂