Meet Seb

futuremakers_sebI’m an 18 year old student who is passionate about video games. After 5 years living and breathing video games I am very familiar with the methods and trends in the industry, and I now enjoy identifying new themes and directions that games are taking. I keep myself up-to-date about the happenings and topics within the gaming community; what’s popular at the moment and what people are excited about, what new ideas people are developing and generally what the community is interested in.

When I am not at my computer I enjoy playing strategy games with friends and family, catching up with a good book, or going to the gym. Otherwise I’m a keen fan of classic jazz and movies from the same era.

In my spare time I use the Skyrim Creation Kit (a modding platform created by Bethesda) to add buildings and settlements into the Skyrim gaming environment. I also design new game concepts, sometimes looking at how to improve existing games through further enhancement. I am currently learning a number of programing languages, including Java, Python and Assembly Code as well as web languages like HTML and CSS.

I first became involved with SuperAwesome and the Future-Makers programme through the Future8 awards, created by SuperAwesome and The Guardian newspaper. Of the eight national awards, I won the Games category for my concept of an apocalyptic zombie survival game, which focused on the strategic and tactical management of competing factions within the games’ ecosystem. The award was sponsored by Stick Sports, who have provided great mentoring sessions and time at their studio in London; this gave me a valuable insight into how a game company works and how each individual fulfills their role within the team.

Shortly before the summer holidays, I was invited as a delegate to the international Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield, UK; an event focusing on bringing global industry representatives together to talk about making content for kids. With this year’s conference theme being “All Change”, I presented a short video package about my perspective on how I thought the various media channels would change over the next few years.

My aim in the next few years is to work as a games designer for a leading company in the industry, working towards achieving the role of creative director. This stems from an early interest in design; prior to gaming, I had considered being a freelance product designer or an architect, but I was concerned about the creative restrictions that might limit my imagination – limitations which are less of an issue within the gaming environment.

I feel I would perform best as a level designer, as I enjoy creating settings and structures in games such as Minecraft and Skyrim and software such as Gamemaker and Sketchup. I also like developing the game framework as well as its story, hence my interest in ultimately becoming a creative director.