Meet Ashraf

futuremakers_ashrafMy name is Ashraf and this is going to sound silly, but I’m a TV addict (we’re all guilty for getting addicted to something)! My addiction made me a blogger, I regularly post blogs about the TV shows I watch and my posts will most likely be like “TV Show Tag” or “Daredevil renewed for season 2!” I guess my blogging thing leads me to tell you that I’m bit of a writer, I enjoy writing stories, poems, blogs, and I would love to become an author some day! I don’t want to just be another teenager in society who’s mistaken for a failure of his generation. We can be too quick to consume facts missing out on the hidden treasures. What makes me a FutureMaker is that I’m just a kid who’s got lot to say about kids trends and doesn’t have to the chance to but FutureMakers gives me that voice!