Who are the FutureMakers?

A FutureMaker is at the forefront of their generation. They are trend setters, not followers. They’re creative, passionate and experts in what they do. They’re part of an exclusive community, representing what comes next. They make their voices heard, speaking directly to top brands – shaping the future!

What does a FutureMaker do?

We know that the companies we work with often don’t get a chance to talk to their target audience – you! You’ll be blogging for us (right here!), giving us advice on client topics, speaking for us at conferences and more.

You will be rewarded for taking part with Prizes, Awesome Points and great opportunities to name a few.

Want to shape the future?

APPLY NOW! Send a short paragraph about what makes you a FutureMaker to:


FutureMakers are part of SuperAwesome’s Knowit Panel, a community of bright, young leaders.